c1851 Queen Victoria Welsh Gaudy Cup & Saucer

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The cheerful colors and designs of Gaudy Welsh china look amazingly bright and clean for china that is more than 150 years old. It was all hand decorated, so each piece is unique, unlike the mass-produced "transfer" process that started around 1840. The uniqueness of each piece makes Gaudy Welsh particularly appealing to collectors and it looks great in a mass display on dresser.

This beautiful translucent china cup and Saucer set is decorated in the 'Gaudy' style and were made c1851.Both pieces have been extensively hand decorated. Two versions of this set were produced, this one featuring the young Prince Albert Edward later to be crowned King Edward VII.in the base of the cup, the other version shows the young Princess Victoria in the base of the cup

These sets were produced for the Great Exhibition of 1851 with many of them hand colored and fired in the Exhibition.This version showing the Royal children is quite rare.

The saucer has a large central portrait showing a seated Queen Victoria and Prince Albert with the young Princess Alice & Prince Arthur standing in front of them with vignettes on the border of the saucer showing Prince Albert and Princess Victoria.

On the base of the cup and on one side it shows the young Prince Albert who is wearing a crown and flying a kite with Windsor Castle in the background and the young Princess Victoria standing on a balcony.

The design is to a very high standard and the hand-enameling is exceptional .The cup is 2 1/4" - 55mm tall and the saucer is 5 1/2" - 135mm dia. Both pieces are in good condition without any chips or cracks and good graphics though there is some iron staining, on the back of the saucer typical of the period
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