c1900 Queen Victoria/Transvaal Tyg

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A magnificent and rare large porcelain tyg made by Copeland for T. Goode and Company, South Audley Street, London and is described on the base as a Subscribers Copy. I understand from the Transvaal website that there were only a total of 150 of these tyg's made.

A tyg has three handles and three decorative panels. On side one the banner above is inscribed "Transvall War". Beneath is an oval medallion with a portrait of the mature Queen Victoria, the border of the medallion is inscribed "Victoria Queen and Empress - Comforter of the Afflicted" .The medallion is surmounted by The Imperial State Crown and surrounded with the Empires flags and the emblems of the Colonies. Beneath is the inscription "Equal Rights For All"

On second side at the top there is a banner inscribed "Imperial Federation" This side has four medallions with pictures of Field-Marshall Lord Roberts C.V. G.C.B., Commander in Chief of South African Forces. The Most Hon. Marquis of Salisbury, K.G., Prime Minister. A Victoria Cross - Valour Crushes Cowardice ,A Red Cross - Our Countries Pride, Humanity and within are listings the major events / victories up to that point:

Beneath is a banner inscribed Unity is Strength". The entire panel is decorated with the British floral emblems.

On the third side is a banner inscribed "Britannia Tower of Justice" and on that side is a medallion picture of Britannia and a Miner and flanked on either side by a Naval Rating and a member of an Imperial Yeomanry unit. Beneath is a banner inscribed "Defender of the Oppressed".

The interior of the rim is inscribed with a listing of the names of the key officers who fought in the various campaigns.

Each of the three handles of the tyg is decorated with different British floral emblem, The rose of England, the shamrock of Ireland and the thistle of Scotland and are all lavishly applied with gilt decoration..

The few of these rare tygs that come onto the market are invariably damaged and all seem to suffer from the common problem with a stress crack around the waisted foot, this example does not have this fault. There is no visible damage or repairs, though there is some rubbing to the gilt and decoration. The tyg is 5 1/2" - 140mm tall and 7 1/2 - 180mm across the handles. On the base is the T.Goode and Copeland backstamp. An identical tyg is currently being offered on the internet at £1,150.00, so our asking price is very fair.

Condition Report

This rare piece has considerable age and though in amazing condition for its age it is not pristine. We supply a number of clear photographs to show the condition of the item you are buying, please study them as they form part of the description/condition report.
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