Hand Decorated 1887 William. Lowe - Queen Victoria Golden Jubilee Mug

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A very rare example of the William Lowe mug. The very attractive mug has been individually hand-decorated and has the decorators number on the base.The cup was made by William Lowe in 1887, to celebrate the Golden Jubilee of Her Majesty Queen Victoria.

This mug combines very high quality translucent china with exceptional hand decorating.The translucent china cup is decorated with a large circular escutcheon with the inscription , "1887 Jubilee Year of Her Majesty Queen Victoria - Commenced to Reign 1837".The whole design is set into a spray of the British floral emblems and flanked by the British flags.Beneath is the inscription "Queen of an Empire on which the sun never sets",which at this time was correct,with British colonies all over the world,the sun did indeed shine on one of them at any one time of the day.

The conical mug is 3" - 75mm tall and is in very good condition without any chips ,cracks or repairs, excellent hand decoration but some wear to the gilt on the rim. The William Lowe registered design number 66457 and the hand applied decorators number 374 are on the base.
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