Hand Decorated 1897 Jubilee - Queen Victoria - Grace of God - Beaker

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We have sold thousands of royal commemoratives over the years,and we consider this beaker to be one of the best pieces produced for the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Victoria, this coupled with the hand decoration, make it a must for any serious collect of royal commemoratives. These mugs were made in a number of colourways but this, the hand decorated version is by far the best.

The beaker takes its name from the inscription on the cartouche on the back:
The beloved Queen of England
Ascended the throne June 23rd 1837
And by the Grace of God yet reigneth
This present year of Our Lord 1897

The beaker was made at the Royal Doulton Burslem factory in 1897 for the Diamond Jubilee of H.M.Queen Victoria.It is without doubt one of the best royal commemoratives ever produced.

On the front is an oval medallion framed portrait,this portrait depicts the young Queen at the time of her Coronation in what is known as the classical "bun" portrait,this is surmounted by the Imperial State crown and a lion,one of the royal beasts.

The back has the Royal Coat of Arms above a decorative cartouche with the "Grace of God" inscription,below which is the inscription "God Save The Queen".The whole body of the beaker is decorated with an elaborate design of acanthus leaves and sprays of roses,thistles and shamrock,the British national floral emblems.

The tapered beaker is just under 4" - 100mm tall and is in excellent condition, without any chips, cracks or restoration.For some reason these beakers tend to be prone to severe crazing and iron staining, fortunately on this example it is only very minor.

The base of the beaker has a lozenge cartouche with the inscription "Victoria RI - Diamond Jubilee - Doulton Burslem Rd.No.293418".

The beaker is illustrated and described on page 17 - fig.45 & 46 of "Fifty Years of Royal Commemorative China 1887 - 1937" by M.H.Davey and D.J.Mannion.ISBN 0 9513489 0 6

The hand decorated version is the rarest example of this beautiful beaker,which rarely becomes available.It is definitely one for the connoisseur collection.
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