V.Important 1984 Hand Signed Queen Mother Christmas Card

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This very rare hand signed Queen Mother Christmas card was sent to an aristocratic British family who were close personal friends of The Queen Mother, making its provenance impeccable.

We have sold hundreds of Royal Christmas cards over the years,but many of the cards from this family collection are rare examples that we have never seen before. The beautiful picture on the card,taken earlier in the year, is a real photograph and shows the Queen Mother aboard the royal yacht Britannia on a visit to Venice.

The bi-fold card is 8" x 18" - 200mm x 450mm opened out.The front of the card has the Imperial State Crown in gilt relief.The photograph and signature pages are good condition but the front and back pages are very sightly soiled. The last three photos show this minor damage. Hand signed Christmas cards from the Queen Mother are very rare,and this example to such an important British family is very nearly unique.

We are possibly the largest dealers of Royal Commemoratives and do not deal in copies or fakes, each card we sell is accompanied by a Certificate of Provenance signed by Keith Lawson, a recognized expert who appears regularly on TV in the UK.The identity of the person to whom this card was sent will only be revealed to the purchaser.
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