Carriage Clock Personal Gift from Queen Elizabeth II Christmas 2005

PRICE: £655.00
CONDITION: Excellent
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This beautiful alarm/carriage clock was presented by Queen Elizabeth II to a senior member of the royal household staff at Christmas 2005. The clock was made exclusively for The Queen and like all royal gifts the design and quality is exceptional. On the dial is the inscription 'Presented by Her Majesty The Queen Christmas 2005'.

The clock is in excellent unused working condition and is complete with the original velvet lined royal blue presentation box, on the lid of which is the embossed royal cypher of Queen Elizabeth II and the year the present was given. A rare opportunity to acquire a wonderful royal item that would enhance any royal memorabilia collection.

The carriage clock is 7cm - 2.75cm -  5" x 3.5"tall. On the front of the clock is the Royal Cypher of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, included is a card again with the royal Cypher and Christmas 2005 on it.

The rarest categories of royal commemoratives are items that are personal gifts from Her Majesty The Queen. The present British royal family have carried on the tradition of giving gifts to senior members of the royal household staff at Christmas and on other significant royal occasions, a tradition that was started by King George V and Queen Mary.
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