1926 Paragon Princess Elizabeth Birth Mug

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CONDITION: Excellent
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Made in 1926 by Paragon. This extremely rare cup china mug made with the permission of the then Duchess of York, later The Queen Mother.This smig would have been a very small edition, as the baby Princess who was named Elizabeth, after her mother,was not in line for the throne of England. It was only after her uncle Edward VIII abdicated,that her father was crowned King George VI.

The beautiful picture of the young Princess Elizabeth which decorates both the mug,is taken from a portrait by the royal photographer,Marcus Adams.On the reverse is the inscription 'Souveniir of Princess Elizabeth by special permission of Her Royal Highness The Duchess of York"

The cup is 2 3/4" - 70mm tall and the saucer is 5 1/4" 130.. in diameter.Both pieces are in excellent condition without any chips,cracks or crazing excellent gilding and graphics .Inscribed on the reverse of each piece is "Reproduced by Paragon Chine - By Special Permission of HRH Duchess of York". This is one of the rarest commemoratives for a member of the present British royal family.

This mug is illustrated in "British Royalty Commemoratives and Value Guide" by Douglas Flynn and Alan Bolton.on page 152 .It is also pictured in "50 years of British Royal Commemoratives".
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