V.Rare 1820 Queen Caroline Plate

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1820 Queen Caroline  Plate
A very rare plate, one that you may never come across again.

This is a fine example of this rare plate and can find no mention of it in any of our reference books. Caroline was the Queen consort of King George IV, she also was the Princess of Wales.

Caroline's was not a happy marriage and she parted from George IV and moved to Italy. Caroline was devastated when her daughter Charlotte died in childbirth; she heard the news from a passing courier as George had refused to write and tell her. He was determined to divorce Caroline.

In 1820, George became King, and Caroline returned to Britain to assert her position as Queen. She became the figurehead of a popular reform movement that opposed the unpopular George. On the basis of the evidence collected against her, George attempted to divorce her by introducing the Pains and Penalties Bill, but George and the bill were so unpopular, and Caroline so popular with the masses, that it was withdrawn by the government. The following year, in July 1821, Caroline fell ill after she was barred from the coronation on the orders of her husband. She died three weeks later, and her body was buried in her native Brunswick.

The pearlware plate has an excellent named profile portrait of Queen Caroline and it  has a relief moulded basketware floral decorated border.

It is 6.5" - 170mm in diameter. It is in remarkable condition for its age without any chips, cracks or crazing and only a minor imperfection on the collar of the coat.
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