1937 George VI Paragon Chocolate Cup & Cover

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This is a superb example of this fine translucent china chocolate cup and cover.It was produced in 1937 by Paragon, and is one of the rarest commemoratives made for the Coronation of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth (The Queen Mother).

So what is a chocolate cup ? As any dedicated chocolate drinker knows,hot chocolate quickly forms a skin on the top,spoiling your enjoyment of this delicious drink - so, to solve this, you have a cup with a cover. The base of the cover has a lip or foot,which fits inside the rim of the cup - voila,no skin !!

Paragon always achieve a superb standard of design and quality of decoration, and with this delicate cup and cover the potters and designers have excelled themselves.This example has the distinctive lion handle found only on these commemorative items.

On the base of the cup is the Royal Warrant,which indicates that Paragon were the official supplier of fine china to King George VI.

The entire decoration is to a very high standard with the Royal Coat-of-Arms enameled in color.The Coat-of-Arms is set within the Garter Belt with the motto of the Garter Knights "Honi Soit Quai Mal Y Pense" -- "Shame on Him That Thinks This Evil" .This surmounted by the Imperial State Crown and flanked by the heraldic figures of the lion and unicorn.

Complimenting the lavish design on the front,the back of the cup has the Union flag set into a frame of laurel.Under each handle are the royal dedication and the date of the Coronation.

The saucer has a similar design as the front of the cup except that the Royal Cypher of King George VI replaces the British flag design. Encircling the rim of the cup is the inscription "King George VI and Queen Elizabeth".

The cup is 3 1/2" - 85mm tall and the cover is 3 1/4" - 80mm in diameter. Both pieces are in very good condition, without any chips, cracks or crazing just some rubbing to the gilt rim.The Paragon backstamp and the Royal Warrant are imprinted on the base.
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