Spectacular - 1937 Doulton Primrose King George VI Coronation Beaker

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Royal Doulton tend to make commemoratives from the inexpensive right up to spectacular and expensive pieces, and this beaker is without doubt one of their spectacular and extremely rare pieces.This is the first example of this beaker that we have offerd in over 20 years of dealing in royal commemoratives.

The beaker was made in 1937 to celebrate the Coronation of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth. This followed the abdication of his elder brother,Edward VIII. As King, Edward reigned for only eleven months. Constitutional difficulties arose in regard to his intended marriage to Mrs. Wallis Simpson,and he had to renounce his Kingship rather than embarrass the monarchy.As such his Coronation ceremony never took place, his brother King George VI and his Consort Queen Elizabeth were crowned in his place.

The tapered translucent fine china beaker has a beautifully rendered half length profile portrait of the young King George VI and Queen Elizabeth, set within a lavish gilt frame,surmounted by a gilt Imperial State Crown.

To compliment the stunning design of the front,the reverse has the Coronation date set into a decorative frame, again surmounted by The Imperial State Crown.

The inner rim is encircled by a thick gold band of oak leaves,symbolic of strength.The lavish gilded decoration makes this a stunning and very desirable collectors piece.

The 4 1/4" - 105mm tall beaker is in excellent condition without any chips, cracks, crazing or wear to the heavy gilt.

This is one of the rarest royal commemoratives and would make a welcome addition to any collection.

This beaker has a full colour illustration in "British Royalty Commemoratives and Value Guide" by Douglas Flynn and Alan Bolton.on page 92.
This mug is from the collection of Peter Lockton CBE who was an avid collector of Royal Commemoratives and the author of "Royal Commemorative Mugs and Beakers" published in 2001 by Tuckwell Press (ISBN 1 862 32 270 8)
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