1911 Bournmouth King George V Doulton Beaker

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This attractive pottery beaker was made by Royal Doulton in 1911 to celebrate the Coronation of King George V and Queen Mary.The color portraits are exceptional ,being of near photographic quality.They show King George V in full Court dress with his full medals and honors on the front of the beaker and on the back Queen Mary wearing her familiar high necklace and diamond tiara.

On the reverse is an image of Alderman C Hunt, the Mayor of Bournmouth for which this beaker is a presentation edition.

The beaker has a gilt lined rim,  it is 3 3/4"- 90mm tall and has the Royal Doulton backstamp on the base.It is in good condition without any chips,cracks or age crazing..

This mug is from the collection of Peter Lockton CBE who was an avid collector of Royal Commemoratives and the author of "Royal Commemorative Mugs and Beakers" published in 2001 by Tuckwell Press (ISBN 1 862 32 270 8)
A full page photo of this actual beaker is in the book on page 26. and further description and photos on page 92, Figs 5.25 & 5.26 (L)
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